Behold a taste of Glorious Wonderment; Is yours for free!

I'm afraid the rumours are true crisp lovers. Our marvellous promotion is at an end. But BEHOLD!! the Glorious Taste of Golden Wonder lives on… go get your mitts on a pack today and continue to rejoice in the glorious taste of Golden Wonder!

House No:
Street Name:
Post Code:
Planet of residence:

There’s no FREE feast without a form, so make sure you post it back to us and refund riches will be yours! We'll even give you 75p off your next Golden Wonder multipack!* Post your application to:

Most Glorious Taste
Dept No D6144
PO Box 99
HP19 8RR

*see full terms and conditions for details

Listen Up!

Tune-in to our chatterbox to hear the excited clamour of all those touched by the glorious full-on taste of Golden Wonder.

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Granny: It?s the only taste I?ll put my teeth in for.
It's the only taste I'll put my teeth in for.

It makes me want to run up and down my street playing knock and run.

Monkey: Listen, I've eaten the sweetest bananas...
Listen, I've eaten the sweetest bananas…

but nothing sends me into a shrieking frenzy like the amazing taste of Golden Wonder.

Robot: That’s full-on flavour that really computes!
That's full-on flavour that really computes!

The taste of Golden Wonder lights up my dials like Blackpool Illuminations.

Mike Ellis: It’s not rocket science! It’s packet science!
It's not rocket science! It's packet science!

The most fabulous, taste bud tingling, tummy tickling, nummilicious, collywobblingly flavoursome crisps EVAH!